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begin with some ceremonies planned all over the country and especially in view of virginia and pennsylvania for planes went down 11 years ago today. right now we're going to go to wet with chem video that was released. it has cinematic use of the world trader said six top site hidden it has protected the shots of the entire downtown new york city skyline. the footage was captured between fed were to does intend to add this month. the several local services for september 11th pled all around the bay area. this is with a similar will
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be held at 945 this morning. this memorial is dedicated to the passengers and crew aboard flight 93 who lost their lives. many of them were from the area that plan's final destination was the samper's cisco airport. this moral include stone monuments-what did names and hopes towns in names of the hills aboard that flight. when the plane was hijacked a fought back. this moral suspicion of the mill lindy part in union city. at the intersection of all the models and daughter street. every time he comes to the mix and reflect on what happened. it just makes me think of what happened. the twin towers the planes everything that's happened. i like to keep this
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place looking nice. it's just important to me. to this a litmus test of 45 and will include a split and a reader of the victims' names. the park is always open to the public in the ceremony will be as well. someone is to remember the 911 attacks the plant all over the bay area today. at san francisco fire station no. 7. that's on folsom st. the san jose fire the problem will have the moral ballot rigging of 69 at fire station 1 on no. what the street. the stem is a plan that all killed park in san jose at 9:00 this morning and repeated at 6:00 as mortar. at 945 s were the repeated the least some money that. lacking any kind of cheap
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vodka or clouds. just like clouds or wrong. seashore. so far no reports of any airport delays. currently 49 degrees is set for rose of. otherwise mid '50s around latina said as they at willow glen area. 53 thread the charge that. again today is seasonal the most. average highs set for a cisco 70 degrees. today were forecasting 65. for the call could livermore and san jose center rose the least of. we're looking at the post as we see a slight off shore flow to
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kent had to watch. i will talk more about the 74 cast coming up. . a bunch that traffic was. if your coming up along the peninsula is a live look at what one. this is close to the candlestick exit no major delays right now heading into downtown san francisco. sat about one hope you'll notice is a little slow on the approach to the golden gate bridge. ? means that in the process of the of the cones. us with the spell lanes of highway forced the have a
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foot freeway closures. the westbound traffic is so quick note yielded but added it to go. nothing really to mass transit what is. your bridges. listed a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. everything is moving nicely out of the east into seven francisco. a firebricks that at a residence. what injured and perhaps more. with just that today right now. this man is in the
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wheelchair and he saw the whole thing provincial i was watching tv and in my bedroom and started knocking on the door and window about two that go out get out fire fire fighter. my provider she's the one that looked to me and told me that we had to get out of the house. she tell me and my chit and pushed towards the door. have been much of the middle end another gentlemen basically carried me down the stairs. offensive you? the lord saved me but they insisted. ahead assisted me out
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of the house. the flames were in the other end of the house. out of the house. and was going through your mind at this time? i had no concern as to what was happening to me. this is the tool or fire in the look like plaques that was on fire. there is one injuries that was reported. a vigil is planned as the need for lafayette man who died
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over the labor day weekend. 20 robber but olson's funds also trimmed during the past week why is body was felt sunday in the sacramento river. and tomorrow for olson will be at a high school in lafayette. it starts a 7:00 this evening. such that is called the interim chief by alcohol for a minor. said cruz county deputies had 84 standing outside a big liquor store walking like to ask him to buy out. if anything this is just a lesson to most of them. score to be an expensive lesson. and blue has worked for if as a firefighter for 25 years. schools will get meat from a
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handful of former at the center of eight animal cruelty investigation. undercover video showed people taking in shocking injured cattle that investigation showed no signs that street firms said cattle ever entered the meat supply. last month chevron refinery fire in richmond the world to remove the pipe that fell on august 6th. the pilot had eroded to only about one 16th of an inch thick. at some spots. in the event that was supposed to serve as an outlet to be artists to express himself out of hand. it happened saturday in berkeley on forestry. having received permission from the owner. it was all this gone astray.
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but police are continuing its investigation and a lot of cleanup work must be done. the old and factory building was pitted the dirtiest and already a tagging hot spot. the place is heading for restoration didn't the on the part of a program for the web site endless canvas. the group under the of work on social media. more than three dozen people took the defeat into the neighborhood. essential forced to have that many victims in that short of time. the 10 suites but across the two block radius near the building. police did cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to at least 15 businesses. the owner of the building has offered to pay for the cleanup. what happened
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inside the building was on it and what happened outside was the work of a few bad apples. a man to tiller offering more free services for kids. for a slight amount with friends again ahead the final minutes of the issue the that walke,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the gun isn't a normal pool but now. the pools open the glass that did or the 4 million people have visited. used to mitchell's no match for red deer fence. a bunch of punches are thrown and finally some officers will get up and end of those men. the nfl now requires support silent metal detectors at all distances here. it created quite a lot of a jammed at 9. she
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merely to his people yesterday evening's witter game. talking to some of the fans. dhotis lease on the coliseum expires next season. and and looking pretty good progress but we have the cost and that's continuing to move forward. the giants right no arlen the plans hostage quickly territorial rights to the city of san jose. is required at the right now
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just over that rough work ahead this is a live look through berkeley. piquancy university avenue pedestrian over across the distance. the drive time is 18 minutes of westbound 80 from the cockiness which down towards the macarthur a spirit that is a good-looking guy. golden gate bridge traffic. golden gate bridge traffic is moving fine. the drive that is kind of slow right now about. once you pass the bridge though it's. the pity nor is just going on in the north of lace. the innocents of block in a scheduled for another 45 minutes these ballets of highway ft remain closed at leverage. this is just your ongoing road work glass area.
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just in the last five the 10 minutes we started to see some past eight street antioch. some change in systems of the optima past and livermore. not enough to impact your drive time this bill at 50 minutes in the green. this is and have lived 80 and into the 37. at last coming around again. the book's pretty clear at all the way out toward san jose. officials up this morning is at 648. we have some stresses the coast right now. the ceiling is now down to about 500 ft. as the phone. what into the fifties right now little more mild at
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this hour the were yesterday. breen that attempt should just agreed to around the bay. allied the numbers evenly from yesterday and today. that degrees and the inland areas. this area of high pressure will begin to filter in us that happens all the numbers are going to go out. today going up in the skies. a traveling plans? 69 degrees as said this is the international airport could sit 20 percent chance of a thunderstorm the mild conditions in midway airport in chicago. sixties will be, above the beach today. 70's around the peninsula at the southwest wind apple 50 m.p.h.
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in had the warmest of the work week on a state audit and saturday. one of the punishment that president obama that bounced from last week's democratic national convention. the list and then put has a pleasantly mitt romney 5246%. that is a gain of four percentage points for the president since the previous plant reaches all the had the chicago school board says there could be a deal to date to in the city's teachers is the second a lot that the codes largest school district of the nation. key issues are jobs security and teacher evaluation. as the the just released at
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wisconsin plumas of the shooting rampage at killed six members of a sikh temple. officers who forced the at the scene said the issue to send out a final round after round toward him. police said he shot and killed himself as officers). thousands possibly millions of websites all post by godet a doubt, suffered a potentially class is costly average on monday. in august after posted responsibility. j.c. penney is cream back free haircuts for kids. the struggling to put a store chain will be offered how
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did not every sunday starting november the fourth. if your kids ahead at the beautifully on sundays. a lot of kids perfectly coiffed. was a deep sense organs of the giants to give up a home run to the opposing pitcher? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hashed and hit send nazis and
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openness is the deaf and of career his offensive line the charges wouldn't 2240. the illiterate students of for the wild card after a big win and anaheim. pnc and to a lead for good in the fifth period alone takes a close game of the series the final score through the one. the rockies pitcher alex
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knight never had a career home- run his one that the picture. the student to the lives much of the hand this bad. and it wasn't at the final that went on for ever yesterday. it was honest five hours or four hours into the three minutes tied. will run the first two sets
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but the other hand on the next two. ability to the deciding ft and the match tied the record for the law is final in u.s. open history. the hours and 53 minutes. you have to be happy to look because the level of the medellin the olympics and never ever what a grand slam tournament. he some live pictures well enough in gun 0.
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adhesive anti outhandle hah hatfield hadn't had his hot humid into activities but so far no major hot spots. it is indeed to september 11th. or folacin developing story is in san jose grew a frantic rush to escape as an apartment building goes up in flames and did at least one person was injured in the fire just south of this out the club county fed does. capt. what he tells of a fire? of truth press the submit his home pretty good fire this morning. there arrived on scene
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and found a larger car parts of the complex with one of the hostages and units fully involved in flames. and reports of occupancy to that. how do little to identified those who needed to be evacuated. what the occupants states and second- degree burns to a local hospital. we're looking about 12 people displaced in about three units total. we're just working on helping the occupants to give them some housing. the residents of any warning? right now were not sure it on that. we have a bit of language appeared but now appears. they just woke up to look at plans the smoking got out as fast as it could.
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there was one injury and did you know the extent of it? there is no firefighter injuries at this time. there is what occupy an injury and transported to a local hospital was the second degree burns today is 11 years since the terror attacks on september 11, 2001. this is at the site of the world trade center. a new building number of trade center is being built at the site of the following twin towers. susan and this life at the pentagon in virginia. as just one of many commemoration services happening today in new york and pennsylvania and elsewhere of
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the country. president obama will be at the pentagon to date for a brief lang ceremony to remember the 184 victims of the attack that happened here. the september 11th immortals began early this morning with a large american flag was on the phone over the side of the pentagon. it's a tribute to those who do the same the morning of september 12th said tempered 2012. the kids will allow the names of their loved ones. in pennsylvania the names of 40 victims of united flight 93 are etched in stone. a last-minute deal means a key piece of the 911 murrell is back on track. the 911 foundation and the states of new york and new jersey commission agreement monday night at allowed construction to resume on the 911 museum. organizers said the museum is necessary to tell the whole story about what took
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place 11 years ago today. with the public is so new to this complementary experience to the ex pick tomorrow. and will include more than 50 types of cancer on its list of the list is covered by a program for health coverage. you look for survivors inside the fruit will wet for lee mays. now he has staged for kidney cancer has spread to his lungs. i had 11 more years with my family. other guys that were killed and 911. all i had 11 years to say your my family. is a look of the pentagon this morning. this flag was unfurled at sunrise and will stay there until sun sets a night protractor at the ceremony set to curry the small this afternoon the president bush said people had to walter reed medical center to talk to
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wounded soldiers. the presidential campaigns of the full swing since what did you can do is doing today? a president will be at the hospital. gov. romney is and we know institute and national guard association in the back up here but can sat agreed to a halt six for the date. either cancelling all adds a limiting the political activity. solemn ceremonies to remember those who died in the 911 attacks. you probably remember flight 93 was on its way to san francisco. what it was hijacked by those terrorists. lot of people on board were from the area. that is why this is immoral here in union city.
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there are flintstones with the names of the passengers and crew who were aboard the flight. it has set in names age and hometown. the minister is supposed to symbolize that it could end one of us on board the flight. and it's been 11 years since the terrorist attacks against the united states. today union city will host a day of remembrance hear how should the medellin the park. it will include a ceremony with songs player and a reading of the victims' names. there were 40 passengers and crew of flight 83 who fought back after the plane was hijacked. tomorrow is open to the public and the ceremony will be as what starts this morning at 945. and have look here at san
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francisco's " tower and telegraph our hero. as to let up and read white and blue. and one of several trips to be this to those who fell. sampras this is not thought station no. 7 hole of the more about winning as 69 at fire station one on no. markets tree. at 945 this morning, another bell rings the money afforestation one on the data street in the city of pleasanton. a lot of the ceremonies the outdoors. and above low clouds and fog running the and the seashore's this ceiling has the delta of 500 ft.. those reports of any airport delays. and we have 49 degrees in santa rosa proof that
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the couple degrees the robber then it was yesterday. most temperatures through degrees below average in san jose. but pretty seasonal in cupertino from 65 in san francisco to los 70's and oakland. we have the 70's orchestral ahead. suddenly crowded as you approach the devils into a change in the west and legs of 580. but the slaves were brought as of 535. they have now been cleared over to the shoulder. it's also had a traffic through livermore. about 80 minutes to the athabasca and the dublin interchange. the good news is
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that it is clear that asset of landis. it was a bad ride on west of 580 yesterday. but now everything is pretty quiet all the way down south bell 680. a quick look at the golden gate bridge for bridge traffic is fine. that is the types of traffic. an individual is plan for a laugh at man who died of liver to weaken. 22 let olson's funds also trimmed during the past week and his body was found sunday in the sacramento river. the memorial will be at a high school in lafayette. besides the 7:00 tonight. the plan gruffy have been spilled out into the neighborhood and if things got a little out of hand. this happens sat in berlin
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in august of an abandoned warehouse with the permission of he had ordered with a program from the website an artist did six weeks other art. they have dubbed the results yesterday. the greedy the graffiti spree that boris. i heard some digging on the walls and some and was planning a spring on the window. the tennis least let across the two block radius and cost thousands of dollars to lease 15 businesses. city council members in san jose are moving to crack down on medical marijuana shops that skirt tax laws. a measure passed the voters had two years ago
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allows city to tax marijuana collectives. hsun on the city's this law does not apply since the operations are not for profit. fiske had their windows ,,,,,,
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>> new security measures were no match for rowdy raiders fans. fight were captured by cameras and last night's game with the san diego chargers. you can see pushing and punching and what not. officers eventually got in there and both were handcuffed and arrested. fans ran into long lines getting into the stadium as well. the nfl has required airport style metal detectors at all stadiums. traders tried to get fans to arrive early by offering a pregame performance by iq but a lot of people still got in line later. mayor jean quang will hold a rally in oakland hoping to generate support for keeping the cities pro sports teams. she mingled with tailgaters
5:45 am
before last night's raiders game. the mayor believes the raider owner would like to keep the team in oakland >> we have been making pretty good progress. >> meanwhile, the a's owner has plans to move his baseball team out of the coliseum down to san jose but the giants are holding those plans hostage claiming territorial rights to san jose. the warriors ownership recently announced desire to move to san francisco in a new arena by at&t park. as we have been mentioning, today marks the 11th year since the terrorist attacks on september 11, 2001 >> these are some live images right now from new york city. they're gearing up for a moment of silence and that will meet in just a bit at 846 eastern time. that marks when the first
5:46 am
airplane hit the first tower and this is the moment. after the moment of silence, churches throughout the nation will large, ring their largest bells.
5:47 am
>> live pictures from new york and we also saw pictures from the white house. president obama and michelle obama in a moment of silence. 846 marks when the first plane hit the tower. you can see here the ceremony unfolding. nearly 3000 people were lost 11 years ago today. >> we all know where we were that day. 11 years ago today and at this
5:48 am
moment, the first airplane at the north tower. congress returns to work after a five week vacation while it is unlikely that lawmakers will tackle a fiscal cliff >> here to explain that fiscal clifford is chilled schlesinger from money watch. what is the fiscal cliff? >> is very confusing, it is actually the combination of tax increases and spending cuts that are scheduled to go into effect january 2013. we have the bush era tax cuts set to expire and they bring the tax system back to 2001 levels. we also have president obama's temporary cuts including the 2 percent payroll tax holiday. it is estimated that 80 percent of americans will see some form of tax increase next year if nothing is done and the fact that the tax policy center says
5:49 am
average household are facing $3,700 jump in taxes as a result of the fiscal clef >> how will that affect the economy and the jobs market? >> this is why we call it a cliff, it is pretty scary. the congressional budget office said it would likely slide into recession as a result of tax increases and spending cuts. the economy is expected to shrink by about a half percent next year if nothing is done and also the fiscal cliff is expected to increase the nation's unemployment rate from the current level to 9.1%. on money watch we have an in- depth question and answer on the fiscal clef and how it impacts your wallet. >> it is 549, back here in the bay area we want to know about tuesday. >> is a very quiet morning, low
5:50 am
clouds and patchy fog along the seashore. the ceiling has lower down to 500 ft. but so far, no reports of any local airport delays. 50s across the board except santa rosa, currently 49 degrees. later today the clouds will sit very close to the seashore. coastal and bake temperatures are down a degree or two. 90 degrees in livermore yesterday because the high pressure stay put but we do have a trough to the north of us. this area of high pressure will fill in and the end result is a warm-up. 95 in sacramento. 74 in the high sierra. mid-60's around monterey bay
5:51 am
and around our bay we will see highs today of 74 degrees in san mateo. 60s are common around the media seashore. warmer than that in morgan hill. southwest wind later today at 15 so we're keeping the temperatures up to 90 east of the bay. to the north, mid to high seventies and then 81 degrees in san rafael. san francisco is averaging a good five degrees below normal. its light onshore flow with very dry conditions and temperatures all the way up to 94 degrees in the warm spots east of the day. that is or tuesday forecast. >> it is really starting to get crowded on westbound 580. it is because of an accident off to the right-hand shoulder
5:52 am
so no longer any lanes blocked as of 15 minutes ago but it is causing some delays coming out of livermore. it is usually busy around this time anyway but it is nearly 20 minutes now coming out of the altamont pass. there in the process of picking up the work by the wall the trommel towards sir francis drake but we're still seeing slight delays as you make your way towards mill valley. across the golden gate bridge on southbound 101, the golden gate bridge looks good down toward san francisco. mass-transit is still on time. >> there's something rather smelly in southern california. what is behind a big rock in a small down there. >> the royal couple kick off a global tore. a special tribute for princess diana.
5:53 am
>> my son, paul, your a shining star. you remain in our thoughts and our hearts. oi'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy... but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger.
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>> their quality experts are trying to figure out what is causing a rotten smell and much of that southern california. there have been complaints across eight and thousand square mile area. one theory is it could be coming from the salton sea >> the facebook boss makes a rare public appearance today. mark zuckerberg is going on
5:56 am
stage this morning at the technology crunched disrupt conference for a question and answer session. it will be his first public appearance since may when facebook went public. i would imagine you will be a busy man today. today prince and his wife >> to touchdown in singapore and visited the country's botanical gardens were william was shown an orchid named in honor of his late mother princess diana. they moved to malaysia, the solomon islands, and tuvalu. >> in the next half-hour coming up, a potential traffic headache. the bay area bridge completely shutting down. >> ceremonies at the pentagon and ground zero. how we're marking the
5:57 am
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